The Paula Deen Case: Racism, Culturism, And Taking Allies Where You Can Find Them
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I had never heard of Paula Deen until she got fired last week.  Given that she is, according to this report, an Obama-supporting Democrat, it’s hard to feel much sympathy.

It’s even harder after reading that Ms. Deen has done a full, groveling kow-tow to the Cultural Marxists, complete with furrowed brow, cracking voice, and teary pleas for forgiveness

That’s just throwing chum in the water.  Defiance is always the right way to respond to the PC Gestapo.  Unless you believe that living on your knees is better than dying on your feet, the correct response to an accusation of racism is the fine old American phrase: “What’s it to ya?

There are a few, faint signs that the ant-racist hysteria may be beginning to ebb.  Here for example is Paul Weston, speaking for Liberty GB, a patriotic party (faction? association?—website, anyway) in England.

0m00s: “Hello.  My name is Paul Weston and I am a racist.”

0m30s: “I wish to preserve the culture of my country. I wish to preserve the people of my country.”

0m57s: “I don’t dislike foreign people.  What I do like—what I love—is my country, my culture, and my people; and I see that under a terrible threat at the moment.”

Given that Mr. Weston is speaking to his fellow Englishmen, his main pitch is against Islam.

4m12s: “When I look to the future I see a full-blown religious civil war occurring in this country.”

4m32s:  “I’m going to denounce Islam as a backward, savage, religious and political ideology, and to hell with what anybody thinks about that.”

That last “to hell with” is in the right spirit, though.  And much of what Mr. Weston says overlaps with the immigration patriotism we promote here at

6m10s [apostrophizing Tony Blair]: “You repealed the treason law shortly after you came into power.  I think you committed treason, Mr. Blair.  I think you committed treason when you said, ‘We are going to import the Third World in order to rub the noses of the Right in diversity.’  To me, that’s treason.”

Liberty GB is on the right lines as regards the threat to Britain, but their focus on Islam leaves them some way from race realism.  Their underlying position seems to be no-such-thing-as-race “culturism,” a key component of the Cultural Marxist creed. 

I had a go at defining culturism in that epochal bestseller We Are Doomed:

Our species arose, like all other species, from the ordinary processes of evolution. However, these processes ceased in the early history of the species, leaving us with a human nature uniform across all populations and unchanging over time, forming the foundation of our essential equality.

This human nature has very little innate structure and is extremely plastic.  By placing it in a suitable environment, or applying suitable pressures, the mind (and therefore the behavior, which issues from the mind) can be shaped in any way at all.

“Human nature” does not really exist independent of the environment an individual happens to be in, especially that part of the environment made up of other human beings—“the culture.”  Moral standards are arbitrary, and are taken in by the individual from the culture.  Culture rules!

 . . .

Culturism has roots in the tabula rasa ("blank slate") theories of Aristotle and Locke.  It was put into its modern form by German anthropologist Adolf Bastian (1826-1905).  Bastian coined the phrase “the psychic unity of mankind.”  His student Franz Boas brought these ideas to the U.S.A., becoming the most influential American anthropologist of the early 20th century.

 . . .

Broadly speaking, the religious view is most popular among ordinary citizens, the biological view is held by most actual researchers in the human sciences, and the culturist view is dominant—well-nigh exclusive, in fact—among our non-scientific elites and educators.

That’s OK; let’s take allies where we can find them.  I welcome Liberty GB as an interesting addition to our voices here on the Dissident Right.

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