Unearthing Hate Facts (Cont.)
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My column the other day on VDARE.com about unearthing Hate Facts generated some interesting email responses.  Especially this part:

Try tackling the following question:

• For all these unwanted sexual contacts (sexual touching, attempted or actual sexual intercourse, attempted or actual other penetrations), what are the breakdowns by race?

This comes to mind because of the extraordinary differentials for interracial rape and sexual assault in society at large recorded in a typical year by the National Crime Victimization Survey. In 2008, for instance, black-on-white numbers for these crimes were 19 thousand, while white-on-black were too few for the sampling methodology to process (Table 42 here).

Is this pattern repeated in the military?

That you may not know. It is Hateful just to ask. If the numbers are even gathered, they are kept in a filing drawer at the Pentagon under a higher security clearance than ICBM targeting codes.

The booze-fuddled hacks I used to hang out with in the Kowloon bars back in the day had a better chance of finding out what Mao Tse-tung had for breakfast than I have of getting interracial sexual-assault stats for the U.S. Navy.

In line with our (mine and Peter Brimelow’s) oft-aired notion of an “interglacial” period in the mid- to late-1990s when it was for a time comparatively easy to speak honestly on racial topics, the 1996-7 investigations into sexual assaults at Aberdeen Proving Grounds were raised by several readers. 

A friend emailed me this link, with an extract from the linked article in a 1996 issue of Time magazine:

The charges became public Nov. 7, after the Army’s top leaders decided the best way to handle such a public relations nightmare was to be up front about it—before the seamy details surfaced in the press or congressional-hearing room. The Army now appears to be responding forcefully, giving rape-prevention classes to new trainees and putting the remaining drill sergeants through additional sexual harassment training. But questions remain about why it took so long for the allegations to come to the public’s attention. Army officials say they wanted to complete their investigations before publicity jeopardized the case. They also moved cautiously, an officer working on the case told Time, “because about 80% of the victims are white and 80% of those charged are black.” But no evidence of discrimination was found, he said, and so the cases were allowed to proceed. Tracking down all the alleged victims has also proved difficult: Army officials say some went AWOL because of their treatment.

To read the whole article you need a Time subscription, which I haven’t got.

A different friend sent me this link to a very interesting blog post on the topic by C.R. at Gucci Little Piggy.

Meanwhile, in the earnest hope that truth will out eventually, I’ve been trying to find out what Mao Tse-tung had for breakfast. 

In his energetic youth he seems to have eschewed the meal altogether.  Later in life, when he was less fastidious, he probably chewed on something.  The answer may be in Li Zhisui’s book, but I have mislaid my copy.

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