LA Fire Chief Under Fire for Photograph, Dutifully Apologizes
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In Los Angeles, the Fire Chief was under fire , not for anything having to do with his profession (you know, fighting fires, saving people, etc.) but for a photo that was deemed stereotypical and offensive. (See the photo for yourself here).

Picture Of A Man About To Be Made To Apologize

From CBS Local….

The Los Angeles Fire Department is in hot water over a controversial photo depicting Mexicans.
A picture posted on Fire Chief Brian Cummings’ Twitter account last week showed him with three men in LAFD shirts, wearing sombreros and large fake mustaches.

The photo was taken at a street festival where fire stations across the city served food dressed in costume.

Well, what other kinds of food were served there, and what sort of costumes did others wear?

Some people felt the image endorsed stereotypes.

“Some people”? What people?

A department spokesperson said, “If there was any perceived insensitivity, we regret if anyone feels disrespected.”

Fire Officials In Hot Water Over Controversial Photo Depicting Mexicans
CBS Los Angeles, June 13, 2013

Of course, a real apology from the Fire Chief himself was not long in coming…

Los Angeles Fire Chief Brian Cummings apologized Wednesday for a controversial photo depicting Mexicans he displayed on Twitter.

“I sincerely apologize for any insensitivity or disrespect to anyone offended by posing for the photo from the Hope for Firefighters event,” he wrote.

The picture, which was posted June 6, showed Cummings at a department fundraiser with three men who were wearing fake mustaches and sombreros. The group was standing outside a taco stand.


Battalion Chief Armando Hogan, a spokesman for the fire department, said people dressed in costumes, which were inspired by the culture of the food they were serving, at the event.
Some people, however, felt the image endorsed ethnic stereotypes.


“The chief plans to meet with community members so that we establish a dialogue so that situations like this do not happen again,” Hogan said

LA Fire Chief Apologizes For Controversial Photo Depicting Mexicans

CBS Local, June 19, 2013

Stereotypes? Have you ever seen photos of Mexican soccer fans and how some of them dress for a game? Look at this gallery of a Mexico vs. El Salvador soccer grame and notice how the fans in photos 22 and 24 are dressed. Or look at this Mexican fan at the Mexico vs. England game (slide number 10).

Stereotype Accuracy

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