The Passing of Lawrence Auster and the Continued Existence of VIEW FROM THE RIGHT
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April 01, 2013, 02:20 PM
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The death of Lawrence Auster has been reported and discussed here on VDARE.COM, see here and here. Auster`s View from the Right was one of the two websites (along with VDARE.COM) that I read daily. Lawrence Auster was a great influence on many of us. Larry`s ongoing project was to construct a principle-based conservatism based on the multi-leveled nature of our nation and civilization. Reading View from the Right was a truly educational experience. The good thing is that the site is being maintained after Larry`s death, with plans to keep it up "as long as the Internet exists".

For readers unfamiliar with Auster`s work, I recommend you read this entry by The Thinking Housewife Laura Wood, and then begin browsing on View for the Right`s extensive archives. (Click here and go to the right, then scroll down to the search engine.) Auster still has much to say to us about the National Question.

Lawrence Auster`s funeral is in Philadelphia at 1pm tomorrow, Tuesday April 2, details here. Editor Peter Brimelow, his wife Lydia and other members of the family will be there.