The Paradox Of Mexican Facility In English And Migration
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iSteve commenter Sgt. Joe Friday notes:

I was vacationing in Puerto Vallarta with my first wife 25 years ago, and remarked to her that the Mexicans who speak English tend to stay in Mexico, because English is an in-demand skill. The ones who can’t speak English go to the United States.

That reminds me of the marketing strategy class I took at UCLA’s Graduate School of Management in 1981 in which we competed as small teams in a computerized game (played using punch cards!) to make the most profits in the widget industry. My team had a lot of firepower, including the guy who wound up as “America’s highest paid female CEO,“ but we came in second by a sizable amount to a three-man team, where all the heavy thinking was done by two students from Mexico, handsome young white guys who looked rather like Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal.

I bet those two went back to Mexico and have had enjoyable lives.

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