The NY TIMES Calls Chappaquiddick A "Kennedy Family Tragedy"—It Was A Kopechne Family Tragedy
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On Twitter, F. Bill McMorris notes that the New York  Times, talking about the overdose death of Saiorse Kennedy Hill, calls Chappaquiddick, in which Ted Kennedy killed, negligently, Mary Joe Kopechne, "another Kennedy family tragedy."

It was, obviously, a Kopechne family tragedy.

Kennedy ran and hid, and avoided being tested for alcohol, though he was almost certainly drunk.

Kennedy went on to be reelected as a powerful Democrat Senator from Massachusetts for another 40 years.

See Teddy Kennedy's Victims: First Mary Jo Kopechne, Then America and Chappaquiddick Movie Causes Reflection of Ted Kennedy’s Life and Political Record.

Mary Jo Kopechne died in 1969, and her parents followed her in death in the 21st century.

When Teddy Kennedy died in 2009, I posted, without mentioning his name, this poem:

Here richly, with ridiculous display,

The Politician's corpse was laid away.

While all of his acquaintance sneered and slanged

I wept: for I had longed to see him hanged.

[Epitaph On The Politician Himself, Hilaire Belloc]

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