The Nation On Hispanic Violence Against Blacks In Los Angeles.
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I saw this article—I'm not a regular reader of The Nation—because it popped up in Google search for VDARE. where apparently it contains the phrase:"Minutemen and anti-immigrant websites like VDare seized on this narrative for their own purposes, denouncing the racism of the Green murder with claims like"—like what? I don't know, it's subscriber only.

However, I know Brenda Walker has mentioned the murder of Cheryl Green twice, in Mexican Gangs’ Ethnic Cleansing of Black Americans in Los Angeles and LA Proposes New Immigration Tax. Here's the beginning of the Nation article, and if any subscribers have a copy, could they please email it to me at [email protected]?

The Smog of Race War in LA
The Nation Magazine,March 15, 2007 (April 2, 2007 issue)

By Roberto Lovato

These days, Chris Bowers wakes up every morning to a vivid reminder that crossing borders can get you killed in South LA's Harbor Gateway area. Just outside the fence in front of his rented stucco house on Harvard Boulevard is a silver scooter, an assortment of dried flowers and a dozen candles bearing religious messages written in Spanish and English—a makeshift memorial to Cheryl Green, the 14-year-old whose murder last December by members of the 204th Street Gang sparked accusations of Latino "ethnic cleansing" of African-Americans. "There were two of them," says Bowers, a 22-year-old college student and high school football coach. "They came up and shot off one shot. They looked confused, and then shot off the rest of the rounds." Jonathan Fajardo, 18, and Ernesto Alcarez, 20, members of 204th Street, have been charged with gunning down Green as she stood with her scooter talking to friends. Police say they had been seeking a black person to kill.

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