"The Market Oracle" Blogger Rips Off VDARE.com In Fine Post On Immigration Harming American Workers
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The Market Oracle is a very powerful financial webzine. The above chart is the illustration at the top of a very good piece, Immigration Hurts American Employment By BATR June 20, 2012

There is no citation and readers are left to guess what "The New VDAWDI" means.

It is of course the Ed Rubenstein VDARE.com New American Worker Displacement Index, explained by Ed here.

This failure is sad, because BATR is incisive and sensible:

Facts mean very little in any debate about immigration north of the Rio Grande… (A Daily Beast article) illustrates the withdrawal from reality of defenders for the latest Obama unconstitutional initiative to eliminate the rule of law.

BATR then goes on to import (with attribution) an entire (undated) article from The American Dream 10 Things That Will Happen If Barack Obama Continues To Systematically Legalize Illegal Immigration by John Hall

This is truly excellent and well worth reading. Hall discusses the question under 10 headings:
#1 There Will Be Fewer Jobs For American Workers
#2 Wages For American Workers Will Continue To Decline
#3 Illegal Immigrants Will Overwhelm Our Welfare System
#4 Mexican Drug Cartels Will Establish A Presence In Nearly Every City In The United States
#5 There Will Be Increasing "Anti-American Violence" Inside The United States
#6 Massive Bribes Will Corrupt Our Judicial System
(VDARE.com: calling Sheldon Adelson!)
#7 Gang Activity Will Continue To Grow In The United States By Leaps And Bounds
#8 The Decline Of Our Health Care System Will Continue To Accelerate
#9 Legalizing Illegal Immigrants Will Cause A Huge Shift In Voting Patterns
#10 There Will Be A Flood Of New Illegal Immigrants
and concludes

The impoverishment of America and the massacre of the middle class is the conscious intent of an "Open Border" stratagem…The political betrayal that allows the unremitting import of peasants only dilutes the standard of living of native-born citizens.

American nationals deserve a better country. Illegal aliens have no moral claim on the earned wealth of ordinary workers. Lowering the standard of wages, adjusted for the true rate of inflation, is a guaranteed formula for a disaster. Government denial and enforcement avoidance of existing immigration statutes can only destroy what little respect that exists for political elites. Obama’s fiat decree is just the latest example of another nail in the coffin of the national body.

BATR deserves much applause for bringing this question to Market Oracle’s much wider audience.

VDARE.com is not run for personal vanity; we are delighted to see the weapons we forge being taken up by others.

But what an example of the police state style of public discourse in America that a writer is afraid to cite the source of an article which dealt purely with Government statistics! Thanks, $PLC and associates!

Below is current New American Worker Displacement Index, from Ed Rubenstein’s June 1 2012 essay
May Jobs: Adjusting For Immigration, Much Worse Than The Establishment (Liberal or “Conservative") Admits


Note that the situation is now much worse.

H/T One Old Vet

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