An Illegal Alien Who Wouldn't Obey The Law—And Now She Can Vote!
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Another illegal alien made the news today.  And she promises to do her best to destroy the United States and our Republican form of government.

Claudia Garate was an illegal alien from Chile who came to the United States to work illegally.  As is common, she and her employers did not have a good relationship.  She was underpaid but living where she wanted to be.  Apparently working 9-5 in Chile is worse than being a virtual slave in the United States.

SFGate June 21, 2012 by Carla Marinucci

Claudia Garate-House Now A U.S. Citizen, Voter

It took almost two decades, but Chilean immigrant Claudia Garate-House - whose story of abuse as a young domestic worker made her a symbol of the fledgling movement of undocumented immigrants rights - walked into her future Wednesday with her head held high.

She took the oath to become a U.S. citizen at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, a long way from her days as a young immigrant, alone in this country, when she emerged publicly in 1993 to demand justice for her mistreatment - only to be deported by immigration authorities...

Moments after becoming an American - a desire so intense that Garate-House returned to California several times, crossing the border by foot and by car, even dodging bullets - she did something equally momentous.[Emphasis added.]

She did this:

She registered to vote.
Because she supports illegal immigration:
On the heels of President Obama's executive order Friday that will halt deportation of an estimated 1.4 million undocumented young immigrants, Garate-House, 43, said it was one reason she is "determined" to have a voice in the 2012 election.
And she came here to work illegally at a job that she later used as the rationale for her claim for residency:
In 1993, she became a vanguard of a then-emerging immigrant civil rights movement after she came forward with her story, which some officials described as virtual slavery. She told state labor officials that she was hired from a rural Chilean village at 19 to work as a nanny for a professional couple in Rohnert Park.
What followed, she told officials, was round-the-clock cooking, cleaning, feeding the couple's baby several times a night - and serving the lady of the house breakfast in bed.
And she was held in virtual slavery, but the legal process eventually dealt judiciously with her claims.
Her rebellion at such treatment became the focus of a Hearst-owned San Francisco Examiner series on immigrant abuse, prompted "anti-enslavement" legislation and brought her before the U.N. Human Rights Commission and the national television audience of "Oprah" to tell her story.
She paid the price for the move: She was awarded $2,000 for nearly two years of work for the couple and deported after her employers turned her identification over to immigration officials.

Interestingly her oldest daughter is 21, which means that she became pregnant in approximately 1991.  It seems she either was impregnated by her employer or actually escaped before 1993 and found her husband.  Interesting.

It also appears that her intent in taking the domestic servant position illegally was to eventually get a free education in the United States:

While Garate-House said she accepted her first job in California with the hope of obtaining higher education in the United States, Obama's order would not have affected her because she didn't meet the policy's criteria.
But this illegal immigrant did not just once, but many times enter the United States:
After she was deported, she said, she repeatedly crossed the U.S. border under the most dangerous circumstances "because of all the possibilities that this country provides - all the opportunities."


And despite being here since 1993 and supposedly passing a citizenship test, she does not know the difference between the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence:
"It's in the Constitution," she said. "The pursuit of happiness."


Obviously U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service citizenship test is a bit too easy.  To say nothing that an immigrant from a third-world country appears to not understand or not adhere to the fundamental principals of our Republic.  There is a separation of powers between the legislative and the executive.  Unlike the rest of the world, the Chief Executive of the United States cannot impose his will on the Legislative Branch by legislating by proclamation.  Something she does not appreciate.

It begs the question, why is she here in the first place.  If she is in such love with illegal aliens why did she not go to Mexico where most illegal aliens come from.  She has a strange obession with things not American for someone who claims to love America.  She appears to want to remake America in the image of the third world, one without rights, without separation of powers, without a Republic.  Clearly we will not keep this Republic that our Founders bequethed to us if we keep letting in people like this.

And why is Mittens so enamoured with illegal aliens like her.  She is voting for our domestic Marxist party.  Why does Mittens want more people here who have no intent of supporting not just the Republican Party but are fundamentally opposed to our form of governance?
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