The Intersectional Totem Pole Of Pokemon Points Is Finally Documented
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For years, we’ve been wondering if any authorities will ever officially document exactly who is on top in terms of diversity Pokemon Points. Clearly, cisgender straight white males are at the bottom, but among the privileged, who outranks whom?


So, don’t put down your race as “Unknown.” They hate wiseguys like you and will relegate you to even lower than the White / Caucasian untermenschen.

Since 2010, the following ranking applies:

Individuals are asked to provide “Which of the following groups best describes your background. Check as many categories as may apply”.

In the following list, the italicized headings indicate the reporting category. The bold headings represent the categories listed on the Undergraduate Application. The bullets represent the choices available.

While interesting Whites/Caucasians like Yemenis and Libyans are at least listed above the line, European untermenschen are isolated down in the lower right corner.

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