THE HILL Declares Racial Hustlers and Corporate Stooges "Conservatives" Pressing for "Immigration Reform"
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Reporters in the Main Stream Media are political actors as surely as any politician or nonprofit employee. The main way they reveal their bias is with the labels and emphasis they use to describe current events. For example:
  • Anti-immigration parties and groups, even socially liberal ones, are always described as "far-right," but leftists are never "far-left"
  • Illegal immigrants at risk of deportation are suitable subjects of tear-jerking human interest stories. Law abiding American workers replaced by cheap labor are unworthy of concern.
  • Race Hustlers, Self-Defined Left-Libertarians, and Corporate Lobbyists are an accurate representation of the conservative grassroots.
Which brings us to The Hill. "Conservatives," we are told, want "immigration reform" (aka an Amnesty/Immigration Surge) [Conservatives press case for immigration reformby Mike Lillis, The Hill, May 19, 2015]. Who are these "conservatives?" So much for a bold new push for open borders from "conservatives."
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