The GUARDIAN (!) Endorses The Sailer Strategy
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July 27, 2013, 02:00 AM
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The Guardian`s Harry J. Enten explains why the Republican coalition will still work in 2016.  It`s all about the whites. 

What a surprise.  (Well, it is a surprise to see it in The Guardian, at least to see it without the usual invocations of irremediable white American racism, which are absent from Enten`s article.)[Why the Republican coalition will still work in 2016 |Predictions of demographic doom for the GOP are wishful: polling shows that winning big with white voters can deliver,, July 25 2013]
Enten has been reading Sean Trende and been listening to Establishment GOP big-mouths like Karl Rove.  Enten seems to find Trende the more persuasive.  Has Enten also been reading Steve Sailer, who was on to this first?  If so, he doesn`t say.  But there are many things one cannot say while writing for The Guardian...
The group Enten identifies as most critical to the GOP`s fortunes: non-college educated whites.  He wastes no time on Republican fantasies about new Republicans from Latin America.
If Enten can see it, if`s writers and readers can see it, why could not one of Mitt Romney`s grotesquely overpaid consultants not see it?  Or perhaps they did see, but could not bring themselves to try to appeal to such a disfavored demographic?  And will they ever wake up?