The GUARDIAN (!) Endorses The Sailer Strategy
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The Guardian's Harry J. Enten explains why the Republican coalition will still work in 2016.  It's all about the whites. 

What a surprise.  (Well, it is a surprise to see it in The Guardian, at least to see it without the usual invocations of irremediable white American racism, which are absent from Enten's article.)[Why the Republican coalition will still work in 2016 |Predictions of demographic doom for the GOP are wishful: polling shows that winning big with white voters can deliver,, July 25 2013]
Enten has been reading Sean Trende and been listening to Establishment GOP big-mouths like Karl Rove.  Enten seems to find Trende the more persuasive.  Has Enten also been reading Steve Sailer, who was on to this first?  If so, he doesn't say.  But there are many things one cannot say while writing for The Guardian...
The group Enten identifies as most critical to the GOP's fortunes: non-college educated whites.  He wastes no time on Republican fantasies about new Republicans from Latin America.
If Enten can see it, if's writers and readers can see it, why could not one of Mitt Romney's grotesquely overpaid consultants not see it?  Or perhaps they did see, but could not bring themselves to try to appeal to such a disfavored demographic?  And will they ever wake up?

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