Tom Tancredo: Steve King is right about the KIDS Act
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Tom Tancredo in the Daily Caller:

Steve King is right about the KIDS Act 

Steve King has provoked the wrath of both the Democratic and Republican establishments over his statements about a proposed GOP bill that hasn’t even been formally introduced yet, the “KIDS Act.” The firestorm over King’s comments illustrates why honest talk about the consequences of another amnesty bill is so rare.

Like the DREAM Act, which Congress voted down on many occasions, the KIDS Act purports to only help the most sympathetic illegal immigrants, those whose parents brought them here as children. What critics do not want discussed is that such bills also grant amnesty to millions of others not so easily characterized as model citizens-in-waiting.

Proponents of these bills always trot out a few young illegal aliens who came to America as infants and later became high school valedictorians. That is supposed to suggest that most of, if not all, of the millions of illegal aliens who would be awarded the amnesty are just like those most sympathetic cases.

Representative King poked a hole in that pretty pink balloon, and for that, he is being attacked. [More]

Read the whole thing. Basic point: not every DREAMER is a "good kid" whose parents brought him as an infant. Many of them are juvenile delinquents who brought themselves.

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