The Great Wall Of Trump Is Going Up!
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A number of people have wondered why Trump didn't do certain things on "Day One." Well,  it's still Week One, and he's going great guns, starting with what we like to refer to as the Great Wall Of Trump.  (In 2005, Hispanic conservative Linda Chavez compared a border wall to the Berlin Wall—I personally suggested "The Great Wall Of America.")

Here's a Tweet from the President:

The New York Times has a story and a video:

A positive reaction from TownHall

Tremendous: Trump To Sign Executive Orders That Clears Way For Mexican Wall And Targets Sanctuary Cities

Matt Vespa,, Jan 25, 2017

And what I'll call "hopefully negative"  reaction from CNN:
The many challenges facing Trump's wall, By Scott Glover,  January 25, 2017.
Those are the people who were saying "He's not really going to build a wall", and "He's backing off his promises". They're now thinking "He can't do it!" "He's doing it!"

Well, just watch him!




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