The Four Weeks That Won Trump the White House
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For pure campaign maneuvers, the second half of August and first half of September 2016 was when Trump laid the basis for his victory and Hillary self-destructed:

August 17, 2016: Trump dumps swamp-dweller Paul Manafort, installs Steven Bannon and Kellyanne Conway

Late August: Trump conducts two weeks of semi-public debate over what should be his immigration policy; Ann Coulter frantic over possibility Trump will sell out

August 25: Hillary emerges from fundraising at Rothschild compound in Hamptons, gives bizarrely pointless speech in Reno denouncing obscure “Alt-Right;” heckler introduces America to “Pepe”

August 31: Trump flies to Mexico, meets intimidated Mexican President, returns to Arizona to give triumphant speech announcing his strong immigration policy

September 5: Hillary returns to campaign trail at sparsely attended traditional Labor Day kickoff rally for union members, has coughing fit; invites press to ask her softball questions on her plane but has another coughing fit; press denounces “conspiracy theories” about Hillary’s health

September 9: Hillary denounces one-quarter of the American people as “basket of deplorables” at sold-out gay Wall Street fundraiser starring Barbra Streisand

September 11: Hillary passes out at 9/11 memorial; (secretly, Donna Brazile spitballs a Biden-Booker replacement ticket.)

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