When Intelligent Writers Go Cowardly (or Ethnocentric?): The Case of theCardinals Corner
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What appears to be a fairly new blog has a (partly pleasant) comment on me When Good Writers Go Racist - The Case of Peter Brimelow

When I was younger (so much younger than today) I used to love reading Peter Brimelow's pieces in Forbes. In fact his work was one of the reasons that I was a subscriber. He was always cutting against the grain, making novel arguments for free market solutions and coming up with unique solutions to supposedly difficult issues

“theCardinal” goes on to whine about Alien Nation and snarl about VDARE.com’s carrying Jared Taylor of American Renaissance. In fact, our recent Taylor essay Do We Need More Hispanics appears to be what has blown theCardinal’s fuse.

It would nice to say this is just another case of a reasonable intellect getting frightened when the going gets tough. But judging by the rest of this blog’s content, and that of an apparently allied blog, what we have here is a case of a free market Hispanic rallying to his ethnicity. For Americans, the point is what I keep saying: Demography is destiny.

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