The European Migrant Crisis: A Reader
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Blogger M.G. Miles over at Those Who Can See has another splendid aggregation of charts and references informed by human biodiversity facts, this one on the European Migrant Crisis.

The main subheadings are:

I. Genesis

II. Demographics

III. Refugee Complaints

IV. Refugee Crime

V. Indigenous Protests.

(Don't be put off by the word "refugee" in those subheadings: the bogosity of most of the refugee claims is fully covered.)

Reading M.G.'s post I am, as always, struck by the thoroughness of research and density of information here as compared with the shallow, ignorant, and agenda-peddling reports we get from the mainstream media.

I just got a renewal notice for my subscription to The Economist.  Should I bother?  Well, I guess it's good to know what the enemy is thinking....


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