The David Marin Administrative Amnesty—Los Angeles District Office Of ICE ERO Doesn't Want To Deport People
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 New information has come out about Deep State operative David Marin and his personal campaign to aid and abet illegal aliens, including allowing illegal aliens to remain in the United States and work illegally. This is surprising, since such aid to illegal aliens is, well, illegal. Such assistance David Marin gives to illegal aliens is a violation of Title 8 United States Code Section 1324, Harboring Illegal Aliens. We know all this because David Marin, Field Office Director, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), is a one-man public relations campaigner, for himself and illegal aliens. ERO is the component of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) charged with finding and removing illegal aliens. Marin appears to be campaigning for something. (What that is not readily apparent, perhaps a promotion to ERO headquarters.)

David Marin, Running His Own Administrative Amnesty

However, what should be happening is Marin's removal from his office. In another of his guided tours for the press, Marin shows not vigorous enforcement of immigration laws, but the studied sabotage of immigration enforcement.

I.C.E. is in some ways operating in enemy territory in California, home to more than two million undocumented immigrants and hostile to the idea of mass deportations. Because local law enforcement often will not turn over undocumented immigrants in their custody, I.C.E. must make most of their arrests at homes, at workplaces and out on the street, which is more complicated than simply picking people up from jails — and potentially more dangerous.

So when a team of immigration agents gathered at 4:30 on one already warm morning in June, their chief, David Marin, warned them to stay away from any sign of danger.

[A Broader Sweep, By Jennifer Medina And Miriam Jordan, NYT, July 21, 2017]

Portrayed as a story of enforcement, the details of the story show something else—a story of wasted resources, non-enforcement, catch-and-release, and a miniature amnesty program for illegal aliens administered by Marin.

First, wasted resources. While the report does not mention the number of ICE Deportation Officers assigned to the arrests, clues, such as the number of vehicles mentioned and the video, suggests ten or so agents. All to arrest six illegal aliens, but with only five arrests in the end.

By lunchtime, the agents had five immigrants in custody: three of their six targets of the day, as well as Mr. Delgado and another man they found in the home of a target. Typically, officers successfully arrest about half the people they are looking for, Mr. Marin said, so this was a good day.
This is a waste of resources for the results of the day. There are, as the story described, 2 million illegal aliens in the Riverside and Los Angeles county area. And we know why: buried deep in the story was a deliberate policy not to find too many illegal aliens.
Mr. Marin, 48, has worked in immigration enforcement for more than two decades, starting when the agency was called Immigration and Naturalization Services. In the 1990s, he said, officers would spend much of their time rounding up immigrants in front of home repair stores, routinely arresting people so many times that they would know them by sight. Within hours of a bus ride returning them to Mexico, Mr. Marin said, they would be on their way to the United States again.
So, instead of sending out a ten man team to the sites where day laborers congregate—basically any Lowes or Home Depot—or the day labor centers run by local government that openly cater to illegal aliens, where dozens of arrests could be made, Marin decides to keep his office's arrest numbers as low as possible by assigning resources to the least productive targets as possible, targets that require days of surveillance for example. In any event, all that day's arrests could have been done by four agents. In the past they would have been done by two agents.

Worse yet, during this little adventure, Marin found out where one illegal alien worked (surprise! a dairy) and did not raid the dairy, which undoubtedly has many more illegal aliens working there.

And we know Marin's strategy is not working. Arrests in the ICE ERO Los Angeles District Office are up only 17%, whereas nationwide arrests are up 40%.

More than 65,000 people have been arrested by the agency since Mr. Trump took office, a nearly 40 percent increase over the same period last year and as sure a sign as any that the United States is a tougher place today to be an undocumented immigrant...

But the agency is under a microscope here. Arrests in the Los Angeles region are up only 17 percent since Mr. Trump took office, far less than in the rest of the country, according to I.C.E. statistics.

And Marin doesn't appear to enjoy doing his job.
“People want to know if we’ve gone into schools, if we’re standing in the market, but that’s not what we do,” Mr. Marin said, driving before dawn. “We know an arrest is a traumatic event for a family. We know the impact it has, and we take it very seriously.”
Not what we do! Well why not? That is where the illegal aliens are. And any trauma to them is none of your concern. That is the price of the crimes these illegal aliens are committing. Marin appears to be on the other side.

Worse yet, Marin has brought back catch-and-release. Some of those Marin is so proud to have arrested, he released immediately, and with some sort of illegal amnesty as well.

By the afternoon, Mr. Delgado had been released by the immigration agents, who decided that he was not a threat to public safety. He was given a notice that he must comply with any orders from immigration agents and returned to work the next day. [Emphasis added.]
So, David Marin released a previously deported illegal alien with some strange requirement to "comply with any orders from immigration agents" instead of deporting this illegal alien. There is no such legal program for illegal aliens, there never was, with emphasis on the legal part, and the illegal program was the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty, the one that caught and released illegal aliens rather than deporting them. Does David Marin have that authority? No. And the illegal alien is back working illegally at a dairy that David Marin refused to raid, because that is not what he does.

David Marin actually added to the population of not just run-of-the-mill illegal aliens, but a special class of illegal aliens, absconders. Fidel Delgado will not be reporting to ICE or following any orders, he will disappear just as his son did.

To add to the beneficiaries of the David Marin Administrative Amnesty, Marin failed to see that the equally illegal wives of two of those aliens arrested were arrested as well.

A couple of officers debated what to do: Should they take both parents and call Child Protective Services for the boy?..

They left the wife behind and led Mr. Delgado to a van, where he was soon shackled. The handcuffs would leave marks.

So, despite the option to call Child Protective Services, Marin ordered his officers to not arrest Maria Rocha. And she would not be the only illegal alien that got the David Marin Administrative Amnesty that day.
Mr. Lucero, 51, and his wife, Jamie, 47, arrived from a small village in the Mexican state of Puebla more than three decades ago. He had built a thriving landscaping business, tending to yards of homes in upscale Orange County...

Hours after his arrest, Jamie Lucero, her eyes red with tears, pulled out a blue folder with Mr. Lucero’s papers neatly organized, including documents showing he had completed an anger-management program and followed the rules of probation from his domestic violence case. She was planning to take the folder with her when she visited him in detention, though the papers are unlikely to have a bearing on his new deportation case.

So, now we know why arrests in the Los Angeles District Office of ICE ERO are only up 17%. David Marin is conducting an one-man amnesty program for illegal aliens. Time for him to go. Or be prosecuted.


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