The DAILY BEAST And The Stoop Laboring Genius
May 10, 2013, 06:51 PM
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The Daily Beast`s  story (mentioned by Derb below) bashing Jason Richwine for saying Hispanic immigrants have low IQ is illustrated with this picture:


Immigrants’ IQ Lower, Wrote Coathor of Heritage Foundation Report, by Jamelle Bouie, May 9, 2013

Even if Mexico had the same average IQ as the United States (Lynn and Vanhanen say it doesn`t) does anyone think that guy would be one of its bright particular stars? Remember, this is a guy who couldn`t get a job that good in Mexico.

And Mexico, corrupt and racially stratified as it is, is still something of a meritocracy. If you go to school, and can pass tests, you can advance to the point where you can get a good job in Mexico.

What the United States is getting is Mexico`s rejects.