John Derbyshire Responds To A Foul Libel—He's Been Accused Of Apologizing!
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Someone named Jamelle Bouie at The Daily Beast has committed a gross and outrageous libel against me:

Last year, National Review fired two writers, John Derbyshire and Robert Weissberg, over racist rhetoric, and in the case of Weissberg, ties to a white supremacist organization. But that rhetoric wasn’t as unusual as you might image. It’s not at all hard to find examples of conservative figures—politicians, activists, writers—who have had to apologize for racist remarks. Last year, for example, the president of the North Carolina-based Locke Foundation had to apologize for posting a graphic of President Obama eating fried chicken.

I attempted to respond in an appropriate fashion to this scurrilous innuendo, but could not be bothered to navigate The Daily Beast’s comment sign-in procedure.  I shall therefore post my comment here instead. 

The Daily Beast


I very much resent your writer Jamelle Bouie yoking me in the same paragraph with "conservative figures—politicians, activists, writers—who have had to apologize for racist remarks."

I have never apologized for my own remarks, which no doubt are indeed racist on current definitions—what isn't?

Nor would I ever grovel to the preening, lying, innumerate, smug hypocrites of political correctness, however much of the public discourse they control.  A pox on them all!

To associate me in this way with cowards, grovelers, ninnies, office-seekers, careerist triangulators, and bogus "conservatives" is a foul libel on my character.

Please publish a retraction, prominently placed, at your earliest convenience.

Yrs. etc.,
John Derbyshire

I and my attorneys anticipate a speedy response.

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