The Committee to Re-Elect the President Has Reached Mexico City
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From La Tribuna of Mexico City, via Google Translate:
Migrants of the caravan repudiate Trump in Mexico

7 APR, 2018 – 7:46 PM

With banners of rejection of US President Donald Trump, a hundred Central American migrants from the “Viacrucis” caravan gathered in downtown Mexico City on Saturday, from where some will leave for the United States border.

“If they throw us out we go back. No Trump, “said one of the banners that the migrants placed on the steps of the emblematic monument Angel de la Independencia, in the center of the Mexican capital.

Later, the migrants stood in front of the US embassy, ​​located a few steps from the Angel of Independence, with signs reading “Stop the deportations” and “Out Trump!”.

The “Viacrucis” caravan, which is held every year since 2010,

Why is that maniac Trump complaining about this caravan? It’s not a one-time thing, it’s happened every spring since Year 2 of the Obama Administration.
 started on March 25 in Tapachula, on the border with Guatemala, arrived in the southern state of Oaxaca last weekend and stayed in the municipality of Matías Romero more than four days.

And it provoked the fury of Trump, who again threatened to abandon the North American Free Trade Agreement – which he considers “the chicken of the golden eggs” * for Mexico – if the government of Enrique Peña Nieto did not disperse the caravan, in as much it announced the shipment of the National Guard to the border of more than 3,000 km with Mexico to avoid the entrance of migrants.

The Mexican government did not disperse the caravan and on Thursday Peña Nieto urged Trump not to unload on the Mexicans his “frustration over matters of internal politics” of his country.

* Google Translate has gotten pretty good, but it’s not perfect, evidently.

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