Conservative Writer Michael Fumento In Jail In Colombia On Trumped Up Charges
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Canada Free Press reports on Michael Fumento's predicament in Colombia:
Iconoclastic journalist and Canada Free Press columnist Michael Fumento is currently being held in atrocious conditions in a Colombian jail on absurdly trumped-up charges.

Michael Fumento is the author of numerous books including The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS and The Fat of the Land. More recently he saw combat as an embedded reporter with United States troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some of his combat video recordings have been aired on the History Channel.

Michael Fumento’s recent troubles began Easter Sunday 1 April when he was attacked on the streets of Bogota by a man armed with a knife. The police arrived and arrested Michael. He was brought before a judge and accused of throwing a Molotov cocktail at a house owned by the father of the knife-wielding assailant. The bomb-thrower was described by witnesses only as “a man wearing blue jeans.” Michael was charged with arson and attempted murder.
Since that time, he has been held without bail, and denied access to his prescribed medications including clonazepam , a benzodiazepine. Abrupt discontinuation of benzodiazepines has been linked to psychosis, suicidal ideation, status epilepticus seizures, and death. The United States Embassy in Bogota still has not visited him, even though they are required by law to visit any American citizen held in police custody within 48 hours.

In a telephone conversation, shouting to be heard over the din of his fellow prisoners, Michael told me “What I’ve been through since then would just blow your mind. You’ve never seen anything like it. Think about the worst prison movie you’ve ever seen and that’s about it. The conditions here are God-awful.”

Last year Congress voted to authorize $391 million in foreign aid to Colombia. For many years now Michael Fumento has been the source of some of the most hard-hitting investigative reporting around, speaking truth to power in an age in which bovine gullibility seems to have become a cardinal virtue, Please take a few minutes to call the US Embassy in Bogota at 011-57-1-275-2000 and ask them to do all they can to help free Michael. Also please call your elected officials and ask them to do the same.

Canada Free Press columnist Michael Fumento held in Colombian jail on trumped-up charges

By Patrick D Hahn, Canada Free Press, April 9, 2018

We have many Washington readers who, instead of calling the US Embassy in Bogota, might be able to contact people in either the State Department or the Trump Administration directly to see if they can inspire action.

(I may add that while Fumento is conservative and a good guy, and a friend of Peter Brimelow's, he's not in any way "Alt Right" or "White Nationalist"—but he's very much not Kevin Williamson.)

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