The Code Of The Hood Says Black Lives DON'T Matter...To Other Blacks
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A bit of  social media randomness from Kansas City:  ‘Hope he died’: Why is Kansas City man who was shot on live video being ridiculed online?, by Toriano Porter, Kansas City Star,  November 6, 2020

Two black men argue.  One is, in the language of the street, "bumping his gums" at the other.

The other pulls out a gun and shoots the gum-bumper.

The gum-bumper survives.

It's all captured on streaming video.

The street community jumps on to social media to... side with the shooter.

Because the code of the street says that if you're running your mouth, you shouldn't be "caught lackin'."  That means, caught without a firearm.  And you deserve what you get.

The episode even caught the attention of Willie D, a former Geto Boys rapper, who gave the stamp of street approval to the shooting.

The problem, as noted by the Star's writer, quoting the victim's mother, is that you can't follow the street code and declare that Black Lives Matter.

True enough.

But it underscores the distance between the reality of black behavior and the fantasies entertained by whites, both liberal and conservative, who stay as far away from black neighborhoods as possible.

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