The Closer You Are To The Center Of The Action, The More You Believe In Conspiracy Theories—Ghislaine Doesn't Believe Epstein Killed Himself
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From The Spectator’s gossip column discussing a podcast with Ian Maxwell:

Among the highlights of the episode include the businessman’s thoughts on the conspiracy theories surrounding Epstein’s reported suicide – an event which echoed the mysterious death of his father Robert, who fell off his boat and drowned in 1991:

“I don’t buy a lot of the conspiracy theories at all. It so happens that one of the conspiracy theories is about my father that he was murdered rather than committed suicide or had an accident. Of all of my siblings, Ghislaine is the only one who happens to believe that he was murdered. And I would venture to believe that she may also think that Epstein was murdered… I do happen to think my sister does think that he was killed. I’m content myself to rely on a suicide, but you know, it doesn’t really matter, the man’s dead.”

Maxwell himself told Freddy Gray that he did not believe Epstein had been murdered.

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