THE ATLANTIC: "The Mystery of Columba Bush"
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From The Atlantic:

The Mystery of Columba Bush

Who is Jeb’s wife, what effect will she have on his campaign—and what effect will his campaign have on their marriage?

By Hanna Rosin

But the most likely explanation, one that Rosin never seems to stumble upon, for why Columba Bush has such a low profile in the English-language media is because she’s never learned to speak English well.

In this video, she’s doing fine conducting a First Lady of Florida-style interview in Spanish. Her problems aren’t idiosyncratic, they’re cultural. She doesn’t speak English well, so Jeb speaks Spanish at home.

This is not just a personal problem for Jeb Bush’s run for President, it’s a major ideological one. We’re supposed to believe Jeb’s assurances that his beloved millions of Mexican immigrants will seamlessly assimilate to American culture, but Jeb’s own wife hasn’t learned to be comfortable in English after four decades of marriage to a Bush!

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