That Kansas City "Nazi" Shooting: Why Don't You Know The FBI Says Leftist Terrorism Far More Common?
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A shooting rampage in Kansas has produced some unusually accurate reporting in the Main Stream Media. Reports identify the race of the shooter, race (or religion or ethnicity, if you prefer) of the victims, and the ideology behind the attack. That's because the shooter was white:

In contrast, when a black person shoots large numbers of people out of hatred of whites, it's a constant struggle to find out if they're black at all. Even then, their motives don't appear, or are suppressed by the MSM, or denied by the police.

A classic anti-Semitic hate crime  which was also an "Immigrant Mass Murder", was the Empire State Building shooting by Ali Abu Kamal in 1997. Kamal was a Palestinian terrorist who hated the US  for its support of Israel, went to New York and shot 7 people. See 1997 Empire State Building Shooter And The NYPD.

But the rare terrorist who can be linked to the "right wing", like the Holocaust Museum Shooting, is happily promoted by the media.

Terrorism of all kinds is actually fairly rare, especially compared to such deliberately underreported phenomena as  (a) regular minority hate crimes not called terrorism, and (b) immigrant mass murder. This pie chart shows what kinds of terrorism there are out there, according to official FBI figures. [Chronological Summary of Terrorist Incidents in the United States 1980-2005 ]

Loonwatch Pie Chart

The chart is produced by "Loonwatch", a group of haters who hate people like me, Bill O'Reilly, and especially "Islamophobes":

You don’t live in constant fear of radicalized Latinos (unless you’re Lou Dobbs), even though they commit seven times more acts of terrorism than Muslims in America.  Why then are you wetting yourself over Islamic radicals?

[All Terrorists are Muslims…Except the 94% that Aren’t, by Danios on January 20, 2010].

Well, Lou Dobbs has been both shot at and fired from his job because of Hispanic radicals, so his concern is justified. But any crimes by white guys like the guy who shot up the Jewish Community Center in Kansas are buried in "others" section, which at 18% is smaller than "Communists" and "Extreme Left Wing Groups" (29% combined). The FBI doesn't even bother breaking out "Extreme Right Wing Groups."

David Sirota wrote in Salon before the Tsarnaev's were arrested: "Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American" [April 16, 2013]

He quoted anti-white activist Tim Wise to the effect that

“White privilege is knowing that even if the bomber turns out to be white, no one will call for your group to be profiled as terrorists as a result, subjected to special screening or threatened with deportation,” writes author Tim Wise.

None of that is true. White activists are profiled as terrorists by the FBI and SPLC, they are subjected to special screening, and if not born in the United States, they're frequently actually deported. We can expect calls for more in the next few days.

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Result? Al Sharpton is on MSNBC.

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