Texan Professional GOP Hispanic Plays Guest Worker Card
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Last December, State Representative Aaron Pena decided he was tired of being in a powerless minority as a Democrat in Texas (where the Republicans hold the House 101/49 and the Senate 19/31) and switched parties. Subsequently he has established The Hispanic Republican Conference of Texas.

Pena, in other words, has become a professional Republican Hispanic, a species VDARE.com particularly distrusts.

MSM patronage has immediately begun to flow. Ruben Navarrette (another type of Professional Hispanic) has published Common-Sense Immigration Talks March 20, 2011, which has been given an additional boost by being picked up by the Real Clear Politics webzine.

In essence, Pena is calling for a guest worker program, unquestionably reflecting the interests of the cheap labor faction of the GOP who probably reached out him.

In passing, he denigrates the motives of immigration Patriots. Navarrette says Pena

surveyed the array of immigration-related bills in the Texas Legislature and declared, "A lot of what's out there is driven by racial or ethnic animosity."
VDARE.com’s view is that Texan whites are absolutely entitled to protect their interests — welcome to multiculturism. Anyone who tries to stop this has no place in what has to be the White’s party — if it is to survive.

There is an acid test which must be applied to any Guest Worker program — what about Anchor Babies? Any population influx, especially if it includes women (and how could they be excluded?) means further exploitation of the Birthright Citizenship misinterpretation. It is a threat to the political balance of the country.

So there is also an acid test for Guest Worker advocates — do they address this issue? If they do not, they are recklessly irresponsible — or surreptitious Reconquistas.

There is no mention of Pena’s position on this crucial matter

Texas is facing an existential threat — it could be destroyed like California has been.

Then Aaron Pena no doubt will go back to being an Hispanic Democrat.

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