Terre Blanche Today - Rest Of Us Tomorrow?
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So right-wing Afrikaner leader Eugene Terre Blanche has joined the appalling procession of whites murdered in their homes in Democratic South Africa—in this case, it is said, by a pair of his farm workers who heroically attacked him in his sleep. White supremacist Eugene Terre'Blanche is hacked to death after row with farmworkers David Smith The Guardian Sunday 4 April 2010

Almost a generation has passed since the Afrikaners—the descendants of late 17th/early 18th century white African settlers in southern Africa who speak their own unique language derived from Dutch—were betrayed by their leaders in a transaction which I believe probably cost the CIA a pretty penny. Always beset by lies, the memory of the Apartheid controversy is now also obscured by ignorance, as I see Richard Spencer acknowledges on Alternative Right.

Far from being white supremacist, Apartheid was actually a sophisticated solution to the problem of sharing living space with rapidly growing numbers of untalented and (we are reminded again) brutal blacks. The lynch-pin was the granting to the surprisingly numerous black tribes territories they would politically control.

A privilege which Israel—with US support— appears to be determined to deny to the Palestinian inhabitants of Gaza and the West Bank.

Terre Blanche himself, while skeptical—probably correctly - that Black rule would be anything but a disaster for everyone concerned, was himself latterly interested in the fall-back idea of an independent white homeland.

The fact that the US was so hostile to White Christian South Africa, yet is now engaged in two Middle Eastern wars for the convenience of the closely parallel phenomenon of Israel is really the definitive word on the state of ethnic politics in America.

A number of the comments on Terre Blanche’s Memorial Facebook page suggest his fate will eventually be that of white society globally. It is a cogent thought.

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