San Francisco Top Cop Forced to Grovel to Muslims
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San Francisco has a new police chief who is experiencing some rough patches in getting used to the curious customs of the place, where diversity ideology is enforced with a Stalinist fervor. Chief George Gascon committed a faux pas about a week ago by making a non-fawning remark about Muslims, namely that they are involved in terrorist acts. Or something like that. He admitted to saying Arabs could park a van in front of the Hall of Justice and blow it up. His actual statement, made at a breakfast meeting regarding an earthquake bond, is somewhat vague, but it did get a lot of turbans riled. He should record everything in the future.

The Chief has spent the intervening time making an apology tour, meeting with the usual offended parties. The Muslims used the occasion to demand sensitivity training for police officers as well as regular meetings to attend to their community’s special needs. Those cops earn their pay, no doubt about it.

The Chronicle reported on what Gascon surely hopes was the final abasement:

S.F. Chief George Gascón apologizes to Muslims, San Francisco Chronicle, April 3, 2010

Hundreds of Bay Area Muslims cheered San Francisco Police Chief George Gascón as he publicly apologized Friday for comments he made a week earlier referring to the susceptibility of the Hall of Justice to a terrorist attack by local Middle Eastern residents.

Gascón spoke for about five minutes after a Muslim prayer service held in a hotel conference room and attended by Yemeni, Afghan, Pakistani and Middle Eastern community members.

Friday’s event capped a weeklong string of mea culpas offered by Gascón to those communities.

”I’m sorry that I’ve offended you, that I’ve offended the Afghan community and other Middle Eastern communities,” he said to loud applause. ”It doesn’t matter where we come from, who we pray to. The responsibility for our safety is a joint effort.”

Yemeni Consul General Mansoor Ismael formally accepted Gascón’s apology to even louder cheers from the men assembled in a large conference room at the Holiday Inn on Van Ness Avenue. Dozens of women listened through speakers set up in another room. Organizers decided to hold the prayer service in the hotel this week to accommodate the expected large turnout for Gascón’s apology.

No hypocrisy here! The Chief of Police was made to grovel because of supposed cultural insensitivity, while the apology demanders are misogynist piggymen who are completely at odds with the culture of gender equality in America.

At least the Chronicle reported on the segregation. KGO/ABC didn’t mention it at all: Gascon apologizes to Middle Eastern community. It’s yet another example of how women are thrown under the bus when their presence gets in the way of diversity ideology.

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