Ted Cruz Comes Through: Calls For Reversal Of Obamacrat Administrative Amnesty
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Could it be true?

I have been very dubious about GOP Senate nominee Ted Cruz, although I was favorably impressed by his late filing of the NumbersUSA election questionnaire. This earned him the “True Reformer” accolade, which I applauded when he won his Primary. And of course his opponent was clearly a member of the despicable Texan Cheap Labor Establishment. But now I have to salute him:  Ted Cruz: Mitt Romney Should End Obama's Deferred Action Immigration Policy By Elise Foley Huffington Post 08/28/2012

Ted Cruz, a Republican senatorial candidate from Texas, said Monday he thinks presidential candidate Mitt Romney should end President Barack Obama's deferred action policy, going beyond Romney's line that he doesn't need to because he'll fix the problem quickly through Congress.

Asked by Telemundo whether Romney should reinstate deportations of young people granted deferred action, Cruz said, "I do."

"I think it is without authority, and we're a nation of rule of law, and it is not defending anyone's freedom to be undermining rule of law," he said

HuffPost is quite correct: Romney with stupid cowardice is hiding from the issue as is the Congressional GOP – implementation started this month without any protest from these heroes.

And Cruz is quite correct too: quite apart from the merits or otherwise of the policy it is brazenly unlawful and should be rejected on those grounds alone.

This is very brave of Ted Cruz: I have no doubt calls threatening to strangle his funding are already being made.

The VDARE.com recommendation: Follow Rush Limbaugh’s example and double up. Put the GOP leadership’s feet to the fire. Take the logical step and call for Obama’s impeachment.


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