"Technology's Man Problem" and H-1B: Tech Firms Can Hire Foreign Men Instead Of American Women
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Yesterday I posted about the huge article, "Technology's Man Problem," in which the New York Times got itself pranked by a funny lady pornographer into taking seriously her complaints about how the white male nerd, Pax Dickinson, she had hired to build her sexting app was sexist.

The comments from NYT readers are depressingly obtuse, but here are a couple of interest:

JULIA Albuquerque 18 hours ago 

After 18 years in product engineering for a household name technology company, I took a buyout package during a recent force reduction. I am not planning to look for a pure engineering job, not because I do not love computer engineering, but because I am tired of not being valued for all of the things I bring to the table, both tech skills and soft skills. 

The elephant in the room that no one talks about is the difference in the way different ethnic cultures value (or don't value) women. While American mid-level managers occasionally needed to be reminded that women were part of the org too, most of the patronizing behavior and discounting of women's accomplishments came from Asian-born managers. (I did not observe this from American-born managers who were of Asian ethnicity.) They truly do not see that they are doing anything wrong. It is how they were raised. As companies go global, we have to have that piece of the conversation.


Margaret Atlanta 17 hours ago 

What I find is that increasingly the men in my office simply shut out the women - from socializing, work opportunities, recognition - the boys club effect is intensified when having to work with people from southern Asia. Sorry, but the men (and frequently the women) don't work well with American women - it is not in their upbringing and there are few ways to deal with this. I'm sure this will bring a host of complaints, but this is what I am experiencing and it is hard to see the sexism and racism on a daily basis.


Of course, nobody is connecting the dots to the H-1B visa program beloved by "immigration reform activists" like Mark Zuckerberg, which allows tech firms to hire foreign men instead of American women.

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