Tea Partiers Accused Of Racism Against White Hispanic Democrat
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Instapundit says "I don't think the race card is trumps anymore" linking to Dan Rieh's "Menendez, NJ Dems Call Tea Party Movement Racist" but nether Riehl nor Instapundit point out that the underlying story in Politico.com, "New Jersey Democrats blast tea party" includes a picture of Robert Menendez, D-New Jersey, (left)and he turns out to be white. A white Cuban—his parents came from Cuba in 1953, fleeing Batista, and as I pointed out in a discussion of Cuban Republican Marco Rubio,(right)"Cubans aren't Spanish speaking members of ethnic minorities—they're Spanish. " (Compare the photographs of Menendez and Rubio, who each plays the race card in their own way, with the photographs in today's article on Hispanic sex offenders in Wisconsin who are classified as white. )

Riehl thinks that Menendez should denounce the New Jersey Democrats who've been calling the Tea Partiers racist. That's unlikely, but what's even more unlikely is that Menendez would be willing to say "Of course they're not racist—I'm as white as they are."

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