Tea Partiers Accused Of Racism Against White Hispanic Democrat
March 11, 2010, 06:36 PM
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Instapundit says "I don't think the race card is trumps anymore" linking to Dan Rieh`s "Menendez, NJ Dems Call Tea Party Movement Racist" but nether Riehl nor Instapundit point out that the underlying story in Politico.com, "New Jersey Democrats blast tea party" includes a picture of Robert Menendez, D-New Jersey, (left)and he turns out to be white. A white Cuban—his parents came from Cuba in 1953, fleeing Batista, and as I pointed out in a discussion of Cuban Republican Marco Rubio,(right)"Cubans aren't Spanish speaking members of ethnic minorities—they're Spanish. " (Compare the photographs of Menendez and Rubio, who each plays the race card in their own way, with the photographs in today`s article on Hispanic sex offenders in Wisconsin who are classified as white. )

Riehl thinks that Menendez should denounce the New Jersey Democrats who`ve been calling the Tea Partiers racist. That`s unlikely, but what`s even more unlikely is that Menendez would be willing to say "Of course they`re not racist—I`m as white as they are."