Alan Keyes on Border Control and Immigration
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In the recent hysteria surrounding Mike Huckabee's recent surge, folks have forgotten there is another hard-core moral conservative running for the GOP nomination: Alan Keyes.

In this video, Keyes speaks on the issue of illegal immigration with great charisma. Now, I disagree with Keye's contention that US legal immigration is well thought out—and illegal immigration is the entire problem with immigration. Legal immigration via chain migration and H-1b expansion are both major issues facing America today—and this will become even more apparent if illegal immigration is controlled.

Still, Keyes' position on immigration is much better than Huckabee's-or any GOP hopeful with a "real" chance of getting the nomination except possibly Ron Paul. Keyes' oratory is nothing short of superb—and his presence helps diffuse a lot of the "racism" rhetoric directed at people who want immigration restriction.

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