Randy Terrill's Future Plans for Oklahoma
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After a great triumph for Oklahoma and the nation against the forces of illegal invasion, Randy Terrill, author of H.B. 1804, has more plans. According to a report in the Oklahoma media :
When the Legislature returns in February, Terrill said he plans to file what he is calling the "son of HB 1804.” He said he will seek to make English the official language in Oklahoma. The bill also will allow law enforcement not only to hold illegal immigrants until they can be deported but will give authority to seize assets used to transport or house illegal immigrants. School districts would have to provide a more accurate accounting of how many children, here illegally, attend their schools. The law that went into effect this month ends practically all public services for illegal immigrants except for schooling and emergency health care...

...(Terrill's) proposed legislation would give financial incentives to local law enforcement agencies to send officers to federal immigration training.[Author of HB 1804 says he's proud law is 'setting the standard for the nation', By Jennifer Mock, NewsOK.com, November 11, 2007]

And, Terrill has a clever plan for assaulting the insane anchor baby policy:
Terrill also would like to crack down on children whose mothers come to the United States to give birth. The U.S. Constitution states children born in this country are U.S. citizens. He would like to see the state be able to refuse to issue a birth certificate for these children, instead requesting one from the consulate of the parents' nation of origin.
This is great news, because if we are to get a handle on this problem, the anchor baby loophole must be dealt with as soon as possible.
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