Sensitivity as a Weapon
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All across the western world, Muslim immigrants have generated a tsunami of complaints about supposed ill treatment the have received here, when in fact the backlash against Islamic terrorism has been practically nonexistant. No one forced these immigrants to come and no one prevents them from returning to the world of Islam, which is geographically quite large.

Yet, the response in many societies has not been the obvious "Buzz Off" but instead a cowering deference (AKA dhimmitude), a fear that convinces our enemies that we are weak and ready to be conquered through immigration and terrorism. It's a strategy that has worked very well so far 151 you have to wonder why Hitler bothered to build all those tank battalions and bombers. Demographic warfare is so much cheaper and less messy.

Britain has been one of the worst in terms of appalling weakness in the face of Islam. Theodore Dalrymple reflects on the substitution of normal cultural self-respect with PC debasement:

Here is an interesting little slice of contemporary English life.

The police go to a pub in a small town in Devon, looking for a suspect. They see a man there who they think resembles the suspect, and approach him. He becomes abusive and they arrest him and take him down to the station. He is drunk.

After a couple of hours in a jail cell, he says he feels sick and demands a doctor. The police call the police surgeon. When he arrives (he is an Indian), the arrested man says, "I want an English doctor, not a fucking Paki."

The police then charge the man with racially aggravated insulting behavior. He elects for a superior court trial, and the prosecution proceeds with the case as though it were a very serious one. [Sensitivity Lesson, City Journal 1/19/07]

Here in America, a pro-terrorist group, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), masquerades as a civil-rights organization, and the media and government go along with the falsehood. It recently received $50 million over 5 years for a media campaign to "dispel Islamophobia." That works out to $10 million a year, over $192,000 per week and more than $27,000 per day to be spent on pro-Islam jabbering in the press. '24' Nuke We see the results constantly of all this propaganda money, most recently in CAIR's whine-fest about the television action series 24, which has had the temerity to show Muslims as terrorists in America:

Hit US television show "24" came under fire from a Muslim group, which accused the program's makers of fuelling anti-Muslim prejudice with its latest storyline.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said "24's" season premiere, in which Islamic terrorists detonated a nuclear bomb near Los Angeles, risked stoking racial hatred. [Hit US television show '24' under fire from Muslim group, AFP 1/19/07]

One detail omitted by CAIR is that in 2004 Osama expressed his intention to kill 4 million Americans, with nuclear weapons being the means of choice. So one suitcase nuke would be only the beginning in the real terrorist master plan — which is not a fictional television show.


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