Tamar Jacoby Likes Gingrich Proposal - So It Must Be Treason
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Tamar Jacoby: Hater of historic America

US News & World Report has had the bright idea of asking a panel of three liberals and three “conservatives” to offer their view on Is Newt Gingrich Right About Immigration? November 30 2011. The result was a definitive demonstration that the Gingrich Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration plan would be disastrous for America: Tamar Jacoby is delighted with Gingrich.

Tamar Jacoby is the long-time Neocon Treason Lobby Operative definitively described by Larry Auster at the time of the 2007 Bush Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration battle:

"Tamar Jacoby, whom I used to think of as a bird-brain for open borders, has evolved into a stone-cold, Soviet-style liar for open borders."

If she likes the Gingrich plan, every patriot has to be against it.

The three leftists, scenting victory, of course provided Gingrich cover by demanding more.  Mark Krikorian (the only sensible voice on the panel) amusingly notes one floated "Americans in waiting" as the new PC term for “undocumented immigrants” aka illegal aliens.

The third alleged conservative was Luis Alvarado, another of these GOP Professional Hispanics who was of course in favor. Alvarado has not come into VDARE.com’s sights before – USNews could hardly use the more usual specimen, Lionel "Blood runs thicker than politics" Sosa, because he is - surprise! - on the Gingrich payroll.

The US News choice of “conservative” panelists is a perfect example of the effect of what Peter Brimelow has called “Hitler’s Revenge” in crippling public discussion on immigration: a Jewess, an Hispanic, and an Armenian. No representatives of the historic American Nation are to be allowed a voice on this, the supreme existential question facing their country.

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