Sycophancy in Spanish from Democratic Hopefuls
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"It is being demagogued"

said Senator Hilary Clinton of the immigration issue, speaking at Univision’s ”Spanish” (instantaneous translation) Democratic debate on Sunday night.

Democrats woo Hispanics on immigration By John Whitesides Reuters September 9 2007

She got that right. How else to explain the pitiful spectacle of the Democratic Presidential candidates, in a country in which speaking English is supposed to be a pre-requisite of citizenship, eagerly grabbing the chance to denounce - in a foreign language - those of their countrymen who have reservations about being inundated by Latin American peasants?

Contributed Senator Chris Dodd:

"those people who deal with fear and frighten the American people on this issue ought to be dealt with accordingly,"

(Obsolete Anglo anachronism, the First Amendment)

Governor Bill Richardson especially distinguished himself: like the Republican Chairman Senator Mel Martinez he seems to have short circuited from the idea that the Hispanic vote counts to believing that only the Hispanic vote counts. Breaking the rules by actually speaking Spanish, he protested

"I'm disappointed today that 43 million Latinos in this country, for them not to hear one of their own speak Spanish, is unfortunate…In other words, Univision is promoting English-only in this debate."

Democrats Talk Iraq in Univision Debate by Nedra Pickler Associated Press Sunday, September 7 2007

Terrible thing, English only.

Dennis Kucinich, according to AP,

said he would make Spanish a second national language

Allan Wall had the stomach to listen to the whole thing. hopes to carry his analysis in full this evening.

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