Swords And Surenos In Longmont, Colorado
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Longmont, Colorado, a suburb north of Denver, is fast emerging as a Latino gang hub. A few weeks back, the principal of Skyline High School banned Old Glory after American students — fed up with being harassed by Mexican-flag waving classmates — had started to hoist the Stars and Stripes.

Shortly thereafter, an 18-year old former gang member Latino was killed on a Longmont street with a sword.

The Police Chief then admitted that violent Norteno and Sureno gangs were fighting it out on Longmont streets. The standard, impotent response followed: setting up community meetings and seeking more money to deal with gangs.

Today, rumors of a Columbine-style attack set for Cinco de Mayo at Skyline High are circulating. American parents who let their children attend this school must understand that the potential for violence against their children — fueled by a growing, militant immigrants' rights movement — will only escalate.

Once a quiet, conservative, blue-collar alternative to Boulder, Longmont is now full of illegal aliens, Another American community has gone from safe to sorry in less than a decade, thanks to our government.

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