Swine Flu Victim: Jay Severin "Banned In Boston" Due To Complaints From Boston's Mexican Community
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Boston radio host Jay Severin has been placed on indefinite leave because some people in Boston's Mexican community were offended by his remarks on Mexican culture in the light of the recent swine flu crisis. Why does Boston have a Mexican community? I thought it was in New England.

‘Hateful’ tone keeps Jay Severin on WTKK sidelines By Jessica Heslam Friday, May 1, 2009

Conservative WTKK radio host Jay Severin won’t be on the air again today as his indefinite suspension for making offensive on-air remarks about illegal Mexican immigrants and the swine flu remained in effect.

Sources within Greater Media, owner of WTKK-FM (96.9), said yesterday’s suspension was the culmination of dissatisfaction with the “hateful” tone Severin’s show has taken. WTKK received complaints about Severin’s remarks all week, the sources said.

Greater Media spokeswoman Heidi Raphael confirmed Severin’s suspension but did not disclose the reason for it.

During Monday’s show, when talking about the swine flu, Severin called Mexicans crossing the Arizona border “criminaliens,” said hospital emergency rooms had become “condos for Mexicans,” and called the virus a “swine-aka-Janet Napolitano flu,” according to WTKK’s online recording.

Severin also called Mexican immigrants the “lowest of primitives,” called one of Mexico’s biggest “exports” “women with mustaches and VD,” said Mexicans don’t practice hygiene, called Mexicans “leeches” and said their kids aren’t vaccinated, don’t speak English and “retard” U.S. Schools.[More]

Some of the impetus for the suspension seems to come from the Hispanic New York Paper El Diario De La Prensa, which did a piece called Swine Pundits. [April 30, 2009]

So here's what's on the ransom note:

  • Severin called Mexicans crossing the Arizona border “criminaliens”–Yes, this this a crime–he's not talking about people who present themselves at the border station in Nogales, many of whom are not criminals, but people who hike through the desert, ALL of whom are felons.
  • Hospital emergency rooms had become “condos for Mexicans,”= Do you have any idea what the ER usage is for Mexican illegal aliens? Illegal aliens don't have insurance, and use ERs as primary care facilities.
  • “swine-aka-Janet Napolitano flu”–I don't see that this ethnically offensive. Possibly someone thinks Napolitano is a Hispanic name. It's not, it's Italian-American.
  • “lowest of primitives”–Many modern immigrants are Mexican Indians who don't even speak Spanish, but speak Maya and Zapotec. If they haven't assimilated to Mexico in the 517 years since Columbus, they're not going to assimilate to America soon.
  • “women with mustaches and VD”–I would not have said this, since it seems unchivalrous, but if you must know, the VD rate,  and yes, the mustache rate are higher among Hispanic immigrants.
  • Mexicans don’t practice hygiene–This is true. See Tyler Cowen's testimony here and here. And remember that not everyone in the world is familiar with the germ theory of disease.
  • “called Mexicans “leeches””–The point is that poor immigrants are parasitic on American society, consuming more than they produce. If you're a strawberry farmer, you save a bunch ofmoney, but everyone else has to pay higher taxes to support you and your cheap labor.
  • “their kids aren’t vaccinated, don’t speak English and “retard” U.S. Schools.” That's three true facts.Mexico's public health people are trying very hard on vaccinations. But Indians from Quintana Roo are likely to slip between the cracks of such a program, whether they're in Mexico or the US.

But ransom note quotes aside, the purpose of a right-wing “shock jock ” is to shock people. Why is management complaining?


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