Suppression of Immigration At Republican Convention Worse than I Thought.
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In my last VDARE piece about how the immigration issue completely disappeared at the Republican Convention, I somehow missed this incident where some young Republicans were told by the Secret Service at the behest of the Control Room told them to take down a "Build a Fence" sign. Below is a video of them explaining the story, as well as the fact that signs like "Viva McCain" were fine.

Frankly this is actually a bit encouraging. What I found disheartening was not so much that McCain didn't talk about immigration—that was to be expected,— but that the grassroots of the Party seemed to stop caring. It's better for them to be silenced, than silence themselves; and it seems like these young men have learned a valuable lesson about the Republican establishment.

It is also worth noting that McCain's platform calls for "Setting clear guidelines and objectives for securing the border through physical and virtual barriers," and campaigned claiming how important it would be to build a fence.

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