Somalis "Grow and Expand" Greeley's world some more
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As I predicted on Tuesday, the Somali/Beef Packer row in Greeley, CO is continuing to flare. The company has bravely dismissed over 100 Somalis for disrupting a shift, and the Somalis are blaming their Hispanic colleagues for a large part of the trouble:

(Somalis) Abdi and Isse claimed their attackers were mainly Mexican immigrants and described the two ethnic groups as battling over scarce jobs at the plant...said Isse(:) "First we had an agreement and they told us we can have a break at 7.30. Then the Mexicans got together and said we don't want a break at that time"

Muslim workers sacked by US meat plant Gretchen Peters The National September 12 2008

(Hat tip for the last three links to Refugee Resettlement Watch, which is rapidly becoming one of my favorite websites: indispensible on this and related subjects)

Meat Packing, of course, is very arduous assembly line work requiring tight discipline and close team work. If the Somalis were capable of this, their country would not be the basket case it is.

The Rocky Mountain News has today published a sob story: Somali refugees forge new lives after life in war by Lisa Ryckman September 13 2008, inadvertently revealing how unsuitable these ultra alien Somalis actually are:

"Once I came to America, I learned a lot of things I never knew before," Dhies said. "You have to get up in the morning. You have to go to school. You have to go to work. You have to get your life going...Mohammed runs the Somali American Community Center in Denver "A guy with a camel comes here and never done anything except sit under a tree giving water to the camel is different than the guy who comes from the city who understands that working hard, you can achieve the goal," Nur said.

The truly valuable element in this article is the Comments section:

CIS247 writes:
I have family in the middle-Tennessee area and the middle-Tennessee region had Somalis' shipped in by the plane loads... literally thousands, if not tens of thousands.
Most Somalis got off the plane, were given a place to stay (paid for by the Fed gov), a new vehicle (again paid for by the Feds), Food Stamps & Welfare (again the Feds), and on and on (yep, the Feds)...
They were "encouraged" to take classes in learning English and how to integrate into "western" society (but was not required). Less than 1% came to any of the classes. Not only were most not interested in integrating into American culture or society, many were/are belligerent, sexist, rude, and just plain ignored anyone and everyone else.
There was (and probably is still) a problem, that many Somali drivers would get into auto accidents (anything from minor fender-benders to major vehicle/property damage, DWI's, and even including motor vehicle fatality accidents) and not stopping to check on the victims, or any damage they caused, or anything else.
For many, their livelihoods in Somalia was centered around the illegal drug trade. Most never gave it up. The middle Tennessee area has seen a huge rise in the production, distribution, and use of illegal drugs since the Federal Government started shipping in the Somalis, along with other VIOLENT crimes. Many may have left the brutality of the war over there in Somalia for freedom here in the US. But many brought the brutality they learned over there, over here, with them.
If anyone bothered to check any of the local newspapers from the middle-Tennessee area, or any other areas where they have had a large influx of Somalis, you will see the same issues as stated.

Tell Lisa Ryckman to read these comments - and wise up.

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