SunTV: Robert Spencer Comments on the Pope’s Misunderstanding of Islam
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There’s little more infuriating than when non-Muslims take it upon themselves to define the “true” Islam — how it’s a “religion of peace” and all the nasty violence is committed by a small minority of extremists. Why should anyone assume that people like George Bush and Bill Clinton have any expertise in Islamic theology? They don’t.

The latest on the dismal list of ignorance about Islam is Pope Francis. Francis recently wrote in a new paper that “authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence.”

ROBERT SPENCER: It’s always delicate to say these kinds of things as Catholics, but we have to remember that papal infallibility covers Catholic doctrine, that he can define on matters of morals that are considered part of the whole church but this is about Islamic doctrine over which he doesn’t have any authority. I don’t hesitate to say that this statement is flatly wrong, it’s misleading and it’s a shame because it gives the Christians who are being persecuted by Muslims in Nigeria, in Egypt, in Syria, in Iraq and elsewhere no support; it doesn’t give them any help to deny and dissemble about the root cause of why they are being persecuted in the first place.

Robert Spencer has written at length about the Koranic basis for Islamic violence, citing chapter and verse. The Pope is not helping to protect Europe from the immigration invasion of hostile Muslims by pretending the problem does not exist. His predecessor, Pope Benedict, was somewhat more realistic about the threat, for example speaking against Turkey’s entrance into the European Union before he became Pope.

Pope Francis may think talking nice about Islam will encourage good behavior, when on the contrary it only convinces Allah’s gangsters that the West is pathetically weak.

In Pope Francis’ first foreign foray, he visited the African-inundated island of Lampedusa in July with words of welcome for “immigrants.”

In addition to Pope’s naivete, Spencer and TV host Michaal Coren also discussed the death threats in Denmark against an ex-Muslim poet and British schoolchildren bullied with being branded as racist in their permanent record if they didn’t attend an Islam propaganda session.

Big plus, Spencer used the “Immigration” word: “It shows how desperate the British authorities are even at low levels like these primary schools to indoctrinate people into thinking that there’s no jihad threat, there’s no problem with massive unchecked Muslim immigration.”

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