Stock Photos And Nigerian Scammers
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Federale has blog below Man Bites Dog: ICE Bunko Squad Arrests Illegal Aliens, about ICE arresting some African email scammers. Here's the AP story:

Federal criminal charges filed in Mississippi against Oluyitan Olagoke of Brooklyn, New York, say he and others were part of the Yahoo Boys, a west African gang. The charges and a related indictment against 17 other people say that the gang would buy bank account information from hackers, steal money, and then send cash or goods to Africa.


National fraud case includes Indiana, nets 16 arrests


JEFF AMY, Associated Press, 7:53 AM, May 21, 2014

And here's the stock photo used to illustrate it.


So even though every one of the "Yahoo Boys" is African, AP is using a stock photo of white hands to illustrate it. I assure you that the reverse practice would be racist.

See, previously,


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