STILL (!) No AMERICAN SPECTATOR Review Of ADIOS AMERICA; Aaron Goldstein Doesn't Convince His Comment Thread
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For readers who are interested in the faux conservative phenomenon: The American Spectator's Aaron Goldstein (whose happy face appears above) replied to me the other day: Taking Stock of Peter Brimelow, July 6 2015. There's not much to say as he obviously has no intention of addressing my original point—that Ann Coulter's trival misstatement in regard to Nikki Haley was trivial did not obviate her critique of Haley's Battle Flag betrayal—but it's curious that he still seems not to have grasped what is meant by the technical term "immigrant stock" (immigrants plus their US-born children). Of course, it's common to find that Conservatism Inc. types pontificating about immigration are surprisingly ignorant about the details.

TAS has still not reviewed Adios America! although Jeffrey Lord (again) has blogged about Ann's Anaheim appearance on Monday. Significantly, Lord's own perceptive analysis of Adios America! appeared in the Conservative Review.

Goldstein's commenters do a good job debunking him. "Butch" wrote:

So why hasn't TAS reviewed Ann Coulter's book? All that can happen is if you praise it, you will lose financial sponsorship, and if you pan it, you will lose readers. Same old Republican dilemma.
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