Steve Sailer: "I Know How Justin Trudeau Feels"
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Yeah, a lot of it is that he’s no doubt read all sorts of American hysteria about January 6th and is terrified that some trucker wearing a horned shaman hat is coming for him.

But another part it that I noticed long ago that strikes get bourgeois people like myself and Justin psychologically agitated. Instead of wisely saying, “Yeah, but whadaya whadaya?” I get all worked up over the potential opportunity cost imposed by strikers.

This happens to me all the time when I read about strikes in Chicago. For instance, when the Chicago public school teachers go out on strike, I fret: “But, what if I want to enroll my children in Chicago public schools but I can’t because they’re on strike?” Eventually, I calmed down and realized:

  • I haven’t lived in Chicago since 2000.
  • My children are grown men.
  • And even when they were children and we lived in Chicago, I went to great expense to not enroll them in Chicago public schools.

But still …

Or the last time the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (and unlike the Chicago Public Schools, I’m a great admirer of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra) went out on strike, I worried, “What if I suddenly flew from L.A. to Chicago and had a free evening and I felt an overpowering urge to see the CSO perform, but they WERE ON STRIKE????”

Eventually, it occurred to me that not only was I unlikely to visit Chicago during the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s strike, but that I’d lived in Chicago for 18 years and I’d only attended one concert in that whole time. Heck, I’d even marched in a CSO picket line the last time the orchestra was on strike.

But still …

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