How Many Black Male Democrat Bigshots Will be Left When This Is Over?
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And then they came for Harold Ford Jr., a quasi-black politician and VIP. From the NYT:

Harold Ford Jr. Fired by Morgan Stanley Over Inappropriate ‘Conduct’ By KATE KELLY DEC. 7, 2017

Harold Ford Jr., a former congressman turned Wall Street rainmaker, was fired by the financial services firm Morgan Stanley in recent days “for conduct inconsistent with our values and in violation of our policies,” the company said in a statement on Thursday.

Morgan Stanley declined to say specifically what prompted the firing. But it came after a woman who did not work at the firm accused Mr. Ford of acting inappropriately in a professional setting, according to a person briefed on the details of the allegations. The firing was earlier reported by HuffPost.

Basically, we are seeing a culling of the extraverted ethnicities, the “not shy” boys (to quote Spy magazine’s 1989 assessment of director James Toback’s one good trait), such as Jews and blacks. Who is going to be left to man the Democratic Party: Japanese Americans?

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