Steve Bannon: “We Have To Start To Carve Some Space Out To Allow OUR CITIZENS To Get Those Jobs”
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000trumpjobsRichard Viguerie's ConservativeHQ has a transcript of CNN interview with Steve Bannon, making an important point about jobs. President Trump has been having some success with bringing jobs back from the shambles of Obama. But at, where Ed Rubenstein tracks displacement of American workers, we've noted that a lot of those jobs are going to immigrants, legal and illegal.

Bannon wants Trump to do something about that.

  • “Immigration is not just about sovereignty; it's about jobs.”
  • “Mass illegal immigration is the Chamber of Commerce and a lot of the Republican Party who want to flood the zone... it's unfair competition for Black and Hispanic working class [citizens] you've got so much [illegal alien] labor in agriculture, in oil field services and the service industries that you have this unlimited pool of labor to draw from…”
  • “We have to start to carve some space out to allow our citizens to get those jobs that's why I've said from day one the Democratic Party, and particularly from Bernie Sanders and the labor movement, and the reason I've said we can carve off 25 to 30 percent of populists to economic nationalism is that at the end of the day they don't have an answer for mass illegal immigration...”
  • “…Economic nationalism doesn't care about race, ethnicity, religion. [It] doesn't care about gender, doesn't care about religion, it doesn't care what your sexual preference is. It cares about if you're a United States citizen.”
  • "The H-1B Visa where you come and take the jobs of American citizens is just not acceptable… And that's not racist."
  • "The wall is central. The wall is not just totemic. The wall is absolutely central to his [President Trump’s] program."
  • “I believe the government will actually shut down in the run-up to the election… I believe that what [President Trump] going to do is, as we come up on Sept. 30, if that appropriations bill does not include spending to fully build his wall — not some $1.6 billion for prototypes, I mean to build the southern wall — I believe he will shut down the government.”

Steve Bannon Reminds Us What Trumpism Is All About,, June 4, 2018

The interview can be seen below:

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