Stealing The American Dream
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WASHINGTON - White tablecloths, polished silverware and candlelight are the tools of a cunning suitor. When found in a dining room in the House of Representatives, they signal high politics rather than romantic intentions.
GOP courts consensus on border policy - by Samantha Levine - Houston Chronicle July 31 2005

Bush is preparing to first try to charm, and then marginalize, those within the GOP who dare to demand secure borders and adherence to that pesky rule of law. For his "New America", when selling any of the open borders amnesty plans, the president must also convince Congress - and those annoying people who vote that body into office - that removing the millions of illegal aliens who are already here would have a catastrophic effect on the nation.

Inevitably, the argument of vulgar and narrow self interest has been raised: the Houston Chronicle continues:

one of the toughest parts will be figuring out how to deal with the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States...They represent about 30 percent of America's foreign-born population, and many have been here for years, buying homes, having children and owning businesses.

[ Note from Georgiafornia;The oft used figure of "11 million" would soon be proven the lie that it is if only 11 million amnesty certificates were of the many un-truths being treated as fact.]

We can't send them back to Mexico because they have managed to buy homes in America! How did an illegal alien ever manage to buy a home ?

Rather like the insider-trader not being prosecuted or punished...because he is too busy spending the money from his crime. "Sorry!..can't make the trial today, simply must rush off to the Riviera - ta ta!"

Having children, buying homes and owning businesses? Sounds a lot like that famous American Dream.

Lesson? The American Dream is for anyone who can steal it from Americans ...provided they can grease the palm of the ruling elite.

With the guiding hand and detailed assistance of the very people entrusted with defending American security and the American way of life, these criminal invaders have created for themselves a separate category of American resident.

The un-citizen .

In what is becoming an un-nation.

Absent any promised interior immigration law enforcement, having dodged an intentionally understaffed and underfunded Border Patrol, they became what can be described as... the un-caught.

Now...because of their success, for them, the law un-applies.

Note to Congress...many of us un-protected citizens who are watching you un-fund our defense and continue to advance the President's un-border will un-vote for you a little over a year from now.

We are not un-seeing and we will not un-remember.

And the current President of the United States is not un-impeachable.

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