State Department Walkout Only One Of Many Anti-Trump MSM Lies
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It was reported that the "entire senior management" of the State Department had walked out—resigned—in protest.

Typical reaction:

One blogger said that this was an example of a self draining swamp, since obviously they'd be resigning out of disloyalty to (a) President Trump and (b) America.Both would be better off without them.

Disloyalty to Trump is going to be a problem in the entire bureaucracy, which trends heavily Democrat.

Disloyalty to America has been a State Department problem since before I was born.

But while I might have something to say about a bunch of people resigning in protest, like "Did they consult with any American political party" or "Did they get any encouragement from any FOREIGN government" (Arabs hire a lot of former State Department guys) this Narrative has already Collapsed.

  1. Entire senior management = about four guys.
  2. They didn't resign, they were fired.
  3. This is routine.
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Kathy Shaidle has repeatedly said that she doesn't want to comment on mass shootings for the first 24 hours because the media always gets it wrong.

The media is reacting the normal transfer of power to the Trump Administration as if it were a mass shooting.

If you want to know what's going on, you may need to ignore the MSM, and go to original documents, or transcripts:

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