NOW I See Why $PLC Dumped Classroom Propaganda Program. Left’s Palestinian Purge Problem Just Beginning.
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Almost two weeks have passed since the financially inexplicable Southern Poverty Law Center massacre (in which the Center, as the union put it, ”gutted its staff by a quarter”), which I discussed in The $PLC Massacre—Purging Pro-Palestinians?.

Nowhere in the Regime Media has there been any analysis of this extraordinary event, and only one news report, by the Associated Press:

Southern Poverty Law Center lays off employees amid restructuring

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a legal and advocacy group, is laying off employees

AP (ABC) June 13, 2024

 Strange, considering what a darling and much used source the $PLC has long been to these curators of the public mind.

An arguable exception is Huffpost’s Right-Wingers Rejoice Over Layoffs At Southern Poverty Law Center, by Christopher Mathias, June 17, 2024.

This is just a point-and-splutter listing the responses of various figures on the right to the news, not including

I would like to think that this is because my article, unlike the others, raised substantial and damaging questions. But quite likely it is just a testament to the effectiveness of Google shadow banning.

As I tweeted:

This is further evidence that my suspicion that a purge of pro-Palestinian elements could have been the driving force for the slaughter.

A particular oddity of the purge was the termination of the Learning for Justice program (formerly Teaching Tolerance), which provided classroom resources for students to learn about “racial justice and tolerance”—e.g., anti-white indoctrination.

This was a long established, inexpensive (for the $PLC) program which was prominently featured in their fund-raising.

I have just come across evidence suggesting that the kind of people who work in this field are in an uncontrollable frenzy about the Gaza/Israel situation.

Portland Teachers Union Promotes Curriculum Of Radical Anti-Israel Activism, by Andrew Shirley, AmacUS. June 17, 2024

…the Portland Association of Teachers, an affiliate of an Oregon teachers’ union that has 4,500 members, was just exposed for creating a blatantly anti-Israel and anti-American guidebook for kids as young as four.

The curriculum is entitled “Teach Palestine! Resources for Educators in Portland Public Schools.”

The link to a Google Doc is here. What is proposed is astonishingly extensive and professional.

I pass over the question of why American children living on the West Coast need any extensive brainwashing for the benefit of either side of an ethnic conflict 7,000 miles away.

It does not appear that the SPLC was involved in this program. But, particularly bearing in mind the SPLC union immediately condemned Israel after October 7, and the absence of anti-Israel organizations from their recent “Hate Map,” opinion amongst their staff is probably like that of the hard Left generally.

And anyway, judging by the Portland example, the schools they work with must be clamoring for this kind of product.

Providing material like this would certainly outrage the $PLC’s donors. Getting out of the business was a rational response.

Hamas, with its October 7 attack, has triggered a political earthquake in the American Left.

It has only just begun.

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